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Meet The Team

JMH’s management team encompasses many facets of the real estate industry, including multi-family, commercial, and residential property management. Our team is a blend of accomplished members with various backgrounds from the financial, real estate, and insurance industries. We can take note of key factors affecting your bottom line and processes, due to our depth and breadth of experience. Meet our team members below.


Jay Harris

Managing Member

Jay has over 10 years of professional sales experience with a major concentration in the financial sector. More than half of those years details his background in real estate, which was jump started by wholesaling fixer-upper single-family homes and being partnered with a private commercial real estate conglomerate. Jay is the registered and licensed contractor for JMH, as well as the leading member.

He has served SMBs and enterprise businesses in over 20 states, maximizing their revenues and profits by way of financial instruments and proprietary marketing measurement platforms. Having traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and having experience abroad, lends way to his versatility and ability to think and act quickly on his feet. Well versed in finance and adept in business development, Jay has continually been an asset to every team he has joined and thrives on personal development. His candor, personable-ness, intelligence, and ability to connect with others has afforded him many opportunities to connect with a wide array of people, cultures, and businesses. 

Jay graduated from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Degrees in International Business, Finance, and Marketing with a 3.5 Business GPA.